AI Situational Awareness Foundation for Advancing Automation


White Paper on AI in Aviation

December 2022

This White Paper describes and highlights research progress on using Artificial Intelligence in Air Traffic Management, with a specific focus on Explainability. All the results and lessons learned come from five different SESAR Exploratory Research Projects:

  • AISA

AISA - final close-out meeting

November 2022

The AISA project had its final close-out meeting with the SESAR Joint Undertaking on the 25th of November 2022. It was agreed that the project has achieved all the main objectives including the ones related to the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.

Press relase: Closing of AISA – an air traffic management related AI project

November 2022

The AI Situational Awareness Foundation for Advancing Automation project (together with other automation related SESAR projects) aimed to give an answer to the capacity challenges of the European air traffic management system. The AISA concept will support air traffic control by providing more and better information to air traffic controllers.

The project explored how artificial intelligence will be able to share the same situational awareness as air traffic controllers have. To test the viability of the concept, human-in-the-loop simulations were conducted in Zurich in the facilities of Skyguide with the involvement of licensed air traffic controllers. The final results of the experiments indicated that 80% of the monitoring tasks selected, as the most primary and useful ones in the AISA Concept of Operations, were successfully automated.

Now, after a two and half years lifetime, the project is approaching its closure by the end of November 2022. The project has prepared a short video explaining the main activities and results, which can be found both at the website and on YouTube: Besides the final project brochure and all the technical deliverables are available for download at:

Team members of the project will participate at the SESAR Innovation Days in December in Budapest and they are ready to meet stakeholders who wish to learn more on the project.

The AISA project video summarising the project activities and results is available here:

Joint video of MAHALO, ARTIMATION, TAPAS, AISA and SafeOPS projects:

November 2022


October 2022

An article on the project is published in CORDIS:

AI assistant helps air traffic controllers maintain situational awareness

While automation in air traffic management can improve efficiency, such tools must be fully reliable and complement the work of controllers. An intelligent, situationally aware system could provide the framework in which machine learning tools safely thrive.

Article on the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Engineering’s website

July 2022

Improving airspace surveillance with human-machine teams

Air Traffic Management (ATM) calls for pronounced situational awareness and a capacity for rapid reaction. The “AISA” Horizon 2020 SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking Project in which ZHAW is participating aims to determine how the deployment of machine situational awareness can meaningfully support air traffic controllers in their work and provide a basis for moving ahead with automation.

Link to the article

Final brochure of AISA Project

October 2022

The brochure contains description of the project goals and results achieved during the research.

Article: AI proceeds to be in the loop in air traffic control

May 2022

The AISA project has finished its experiments, investigating how air traffic controllers might cooperate with artificial intelligence.

Although it was less visible in the recent years, there is a capacity problem in the European air traffic management system, especially in the field of air traffic control. Therefore, digitalisation and automation solutions are key to solve this problem. The usage of artificial intelligence is more and more common within automation, and air traffic management as a technology intensive domain cannot be an exemption...

The full article is available at: Article in pdf

The AISA project is included in the October issue of the EASN newsletter

October 2021

You can find the EASN newsletter at this link.

UPM has published the following articles:

December 2020
  • Web ETSIAE (Aeronautical school): link
  • Web UPM (Universidad Politécncia de Madrid): link
  • Twitter: link1, link2

2021 EASN Newsletter

January 2021

First edition of the 2021 EASN Newsletter contains information on latest achievements and results of several EU-funded research projects and informs about the latest news of members of the EASN Association. The first EASN periodic Newsletter for 2021 is available for online viewing here.

Contact information

Prof. Tomislav Radišić
University of Zagreb

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Grant Agreement No. 892618, under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.