AI Situational Awareness Foundation for Advancing Automation

Welcome to the second newsletter of the AISA SESAR exploratory research project. The AISA (AI Situational Awareness Foundation for Advancing Automation) is a two and half years long project started on the 1st of June 2020. The project is investigating how to increase automation in air traffic management. More information on the project can be found at the AISA website.

EASN Conference presentation

Javier Pérez-Castán (UPM) delivered a presentation related to the AISA project at the EASN conference in the Air Traffic Management and Airports domain on the 1st of September .

Combined Project and Advisory Board meeting

The project held a combined virtual project and advisory board meeting on the 20th of September. The meeting focused on WP5 which experiments on how the air traffic controllers would interact with artificial intelligence. During the meeting interesting questions were raised, useful inputs for consideration were received.

Preparatory experiments

In the frame of work package 5 (Concept Assessment) aiming for a shared Situational Awareness of ATCOs and AI, the AISA project performed preparatory tests with the involvement of air traffic controllers and a pseudo-pilot in October 2021. The tests were performed at Skyguide Zurich Area Control Center with the involvement of experts from ZHAW (Winterthur) and University of Zagreb. During the tests the reactions of the air traffic controllers were assessed by measurements of human performance aspects. The preparatory step is an important milestone towards the planned further full test rounds.

Presentation at the World ATM Congress

Javier Alberto Pérez Castán from UPM presented the AISA project at the World ATM Congress in Madrid on the 28th of October . The focus of the presentation was on the Machine Learning (ML, WP3) aspects of the project .

Website update

The AISA project made substantial updates at the AISA website. New content includes several recently accepted technical deliverables (under “Publication” and “Dissemination”):
  • D3.1: 4D trajectory prediction module
  • D4.2: Knowledge Graph (KG)-Prolog Mapper
  • D4.3: Populate Knowledge Graph
Besides in the dissemination section the abstract of the presentation (and the associated paper) at the recent EASN conference is available: “Machine Learning classification techniques applied to static air traffic conflict detection”
Moreover, in the “Events” section the AISA presentation at the ATM World Congress and an AISA related presentation at ATIEC are introduced.
In case of questions, issues, please write to Andrej Kocsis, AISA communication and dissemination manager:
The AISA consortium plans to send out altogether four newsletters, (incl. the current second one). If you do not wish to receive further newsletters please write to the communication manager (to the address above).

Contact information

Prof. Tomislav Radišić
University of Zagreb

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Grant Agreement No. 892618, under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.